I believe in an individualized approach which includes an integration of a variety of therapies. There is not just one way of approaching everyone. I use psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems therapy, solutions focused therapy and psycho-education. Emphasis is placed on client strengths and their problems are viewed as life’s challenges that call for new and innovative solutions. Fostering an empathic trustworthy relationship is paramount as well as maintaining full confidentiality. We work in partnership and the therapist is a facilitator of that growth. Collaboration and cultural sensitivity are at the core of developing a working relationship.

In our consultations we will address:

  • The current situation and identify the stressors and priorities.
  • Establish a working relationship
  • Discuss what might include setting some realistic goals as well as the scope and length of consultation
  • Provide an on-going assessment of progress, satisfaction, and attainment of goals

Sessions take place primarily in my Wassenaar or London office, but I also frequently offer telephone or Skype sessions for clients who travel often or cannot easily access my offices.