As your therapist, I am committed to safeguarding your personal information, handling it in a responsible and transparent manner, and securing it with technical safeguards as a responsible and ethical professional. Retention of any data collected as part of the practice follows general guidelines of NIP and BACP.

I will not share your personal information with a third party unless you have instructed me to do so or have given me the authority to do so. (GP, insurance company, referral for other services)

• Your name and address and session dates are kept on my Access database for billing purposes only.
• Notes and correspondence, you have shared with me are kept in a locked file cabinet in my office.
• My website is SSL certified and anonymous and offers an option to dismiss the use of cookies.
• Should your insurance company require a report or additional information regarding your sessions, I will have you preview the information, wait for your feedback and agreement, prior to sending out the information on your behalf.
• Should there be a breach of digital data, you will be informed in a timely manner.
• In certain situations, you may request that your personal information be deleted.